Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Kings Vs Hurricanes June 2017 Review

On a warm and sunny day in Dunfermline the Dundee Hurricanes arrived for a Joint scrimmage. Both teams having 21 players decided against a full game, Special Teams being left out also, for player safety and practicality.

Playing by a tweaked version of NCAA Overtime rules, each team would start their drives on the 50-yard line and have three drives each barring a score for either side, in which case the opposing teams Offence would start on the 50.

Dundee being the visitors, they would start on Offense. The Kings defense would take a few plays to get into the rythmn of Dundee’s offense. Unable to dictate the pace, the Kings adjusted, changing a few things on Defense. Dundee had a quick run game to complement the effective passing game. Dundee gained multiple first downs leading to a 1st and Goal in Kings territory. A few short runs brought Dundee to 3rd and Goal on the 6-yard line. An outside pass was intercepted off in the Endzone by Safety Dougie Scott and returned for a 101-yard Touchdown.

Having scored the Kings would now start on Offense. QB Daniel Picton and RB Krzystof Górzkowski combined for consecutive short passes for 1st Downs. Górzkowski would add some long bruising runs to the drive. The Hurricanes defense would whip up a storm of their own making an interception to end the Kings drive. Without a score from Dundee’s interception the Kings would restart on the 50-yard line. Another long drive ensues with the Kings Offense gaining ground slowly and Dundee ending the drive with a stout 4th Down stop. Kings Offense on the 50-yard line once more with some fight left in them. With a strong run game and an improvement on O-line from the previous game the Kings would look to make some pass attempts. The Hurricanes Pass defense was on point today, another interception. Good hustle from the Kings would prevent a score.

Dundee ball on the 50. Once more the quick run game would stretch the field on Dunfermline’s defense. The first Dundee drive would end on a 4th Down stop by the Kings. Dundee driving in from the 50 once more would lean on the shirt passing game to gain ground into Dunfermline’s redzone. Dundee would score on a short run.

Dunfermline ball on the 50. Making some adjustments on offense the Kings would put a drive together on the back of strong runs from Górzkowski and Picton. On a TD run fro. WR Brendan McFarlane the Kings would end their drive.

Dundee’s next drive would be a long slog against the Kings defense with the Kings holding firm for all three drives.

Kings ball. With the lead in their favour. The Kings would decide to air the ball out in hopes of getting the passing game going. With tough pressure up front from Dundee QB Picton over threw and the ball was promptly intercepted by Safety Fraser Thomson. Picton would lay chase, a fake lateral shook Picton and Thomson was loose for the TD.

Hurricanes ball. Once more the Kings Defense would put up a strong effort against the Canes. Dundee’s run game remained effective up the middle and outside. Dundee would attempt to air the ball out again. Kings Interception! DB Fraser Reid to the house for a Kings TD.

Kings ball once more on the 50. Dundee’s Defense would put up a tough fight. Repeatedly pushing the Kings back into their own half on consecutive drives. Ending their turn on Offense.

Dundee’s offense would get another shot on offense. With some adjustments on their Offense, Dundee came out fighting. Short runs followed by short passes slowly took Dundee up the field and once more into the redzone. The Kings Defense was running out of gas but kept the drive going long with some hard stops. Dundee would overcome and found the endzone on a 2-yard QB sneak.

Both sides would have one more drive each ending in Turnover on Downs. As this scrimmage was not a full game, there was no formal score hence the shortened match report. Dunfermline look forward to facing the Hurricanes on the 16th July for a rematch. The next outing will be a full game.