Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Club History


The club was initially established when a group of like minded individuals came together on a patch of grass with a football and a willingness to play.  The flag team the Carnegie Steelers was born under the banner of Carnegie American Football Club.  The name of the club and team clearly derived from the famous local entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie who made his fortune in the steel industry, before gifting it all back to the public in the form of hundreds of grand buildings and parks.

Steelers Line


The flag teams within the club expanded to three, namely the Carnegie Steelers, Carnegie Reapers and Carnegie Golden Eagles. The rise in numbers and interest in American Football within the club brought about a desire to form a contact team.  The Dunfermline Kings was formed, again taking their name from local historical connections, namely the once capital of Scotland, Dunfermline, being the resting place of seven Scottish Kings.



The Kings contact team continued its development with a view to gaining league entry.  The Kirkcaldy Bulls join Carnegie as our eurpoean tournament eteam.  A number of the flag teams changed names, and the Carnegie Thunder and Carnegie Renegades where born.  The year also saw a combined Carnegie Football flag team reach the finals of the national Jags Se7ens Tournament.  The club also hosted the chairty event - Gight Like a Girl to raise funds for their adult contact coaches daughter who was disagnosed with eye cancer.



Another year of development for the Kings adult contact team saw a change at the top.  As previous HC Alex Paterson returned to his native Canada, Alistair Choat took over as HC.  However, prior to that Alex saw his and the Kings first away win against Burnley Tornadoes.
Flag teams competed abroad with the Kirkcaldy Bulls at Big Bowl and a combined Carnegie team at Pink Bowl in their now famous kilt-shorts.



The start of the year saw Carnegie introduce a number of youth teams to the club.  Offering flag and contact football training to children aged 7 years and upwards.
In an effort to consolidate talent, the flag teams where all merged into Carnegie Flag Football who were placed in division one of the new 2 two tier league.  This proved to have been the right decision, as the flag team reached the Big Bowl final, narrowly losing to London Smoke, however secured promotion to the Premier Division.
The Kings adult contact team continued to build towards league entry.



In their first year in the Premier Division, Carnegie Flag Football showed that they were there to stay with a positive 9-6 season.
The club youth program continued to be developed and expanded with the help of dedicated coaches and engagement with the local community and schools.
And after years of development and hard work the Dunfermline Kings adult contact team successfully completed the BAFA Associate program and where admitted to the league.



This was to be the year the adult contact Kings made their league debut, however COVID-19 prevented this as well as all club training for most of the year. Following BAFA guidelines limited adult and youth training was possible for a short time, however all leagues where abandoned for the year.

On the plus side it gave the club time to review its present situation and plan for the coming years.

The big announcement was the re-branding of the club, all coming together under the banner of Dunfermline Kings American Football Club. All previous teams, namely Carnegie Flag, Dunfermline Kings and Dunfermline Saints would now all be Kings teams. This move produces a more recognisable brand, locally, nationally, and digitally which is also easier to promote.