Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland


Below are some of the groups who sponsor the Club and it's Teams.  If you would like to help the development of community accessible American Football in Dunfermline and the surrounding area please Contact Us

Dunfermline Kings American Football Club are happy to announce the MacTuff OCR are sponsoring the game balls of the Adult Contact team. The main man at MacTuff, Alex Potter, kindly offered to help out and as well as sponsoring the game balls, which can be see here with the awesome MacTuff logo engraved on them, he also sponsored games balls for our Yoth Football teams. Both teams are very grateful to Alex for this kind gesture.


Our Youth Football program we're lucky enough to get substantial funding with assistance from Tesco Duloch, via their 'Bags of Help' scheme.  Using the funding provided the youth teams were able to purchase a massive amount of equipment, which would allow them to train and play safely.  The kids are very grateful for this kind donation by Tesco.


Dunfermline Kings American Football Club are pleased to work in partnership with The Ball Room Sports Bar, Dunfermline.  The club hosts all of our events, post game hospitality and our massive legendary Super Bowl Parties.  As well as supporting the club to host events they also offer financial support to all the teams within the club.  The club delighted with their support and will continue to work in partnership with them.


Our local ASDA Store (St Leonards, Dunfermline) kindly sponsored the Youth Football program of the club via their ASDA Foundation program.  The club applied and with the resulting grant monies where able to purchased some additional kit for the kids.  This included female specific shoulder pads, training tops, balls and throwing net (pictured).   Everything was gratefully received and have been well used by the kids.

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