Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Kings come up short in tight first game of 2017

On a warm yet windy Sunday, The Dunfermline Kings took to the field for a pre-season friendly against the NFC 2 North Division 2 Dumfries Hunters. The setting of this game had to be moved due to the Kings usual ground being too waterlogged for play. Consequently, the fixture was moved to the Astro pitch at Dunfermline High School.
After much anticipation and a slight set back due to an unmarked field. Kickoff commenced at 1:15, with the Hunters having won the toss and electing to receive the kick. A quick return by the Hunters to the 35-yard line saw their offence take the field raring to go.
Both sides struggled to get their offences going. The stage was set for a defensive battle. QB Dominic Lewis of the Hunters stretched the Kings Defense with his quick lateral ability. The Kings were up to task and kept the Hunters at bay, with DE Davie Gordon getting his first Sack. The Kings Defence forced Turnover on Downs throughout the 1st Quarter. Neither team would punt. The Kings Offence also struggled to keep a drive going. Stalling out after hard running by RB Yoann Hubert and RB Krzysztof Górzkowski.
The first score of the day came with the Hunters continuing to run the ball and QB Dominic Lewis breaking free on a 20-yard Touchdown run, breaking the stalemate. 6-0 Hunters. Kings ball. QB Daniel Picton led the Kings out onto the field after a short return by kick returner Gavin Cullen. The Kings struggled against heavy pressure from the Hunters Defense, once more ending with a Turnover on Downs. The Hunters marched up the field again on the back of the long runs from QB Dom Lewis, resulting in another Touchdown. Again the Hunters could not capitalise on their 2 point conversion 12-0 Hunters.
The Kings Offence took to the field once more. With some gritty runs from RBs Hubert, Górzkowski and Rookie Stephen McShane. The Hunters Defence kept the Kings at bay. The Hunters Offence stalled out close to the endzone to end the half.
The 2nd half was hard fought by both sides. The Kings now receiving to start the half. QB Daniel Picton made some strides with a big catch by TE Robert McDowall and another big run from RB Yoann Hubert. The Kings once again stalled on offence. Turnover on Downs.
Hunters ball once more With big runs from QB Dominic Lewis, the Hunters offence had marched up field. Despite Forced fumbles caused by LBs Fearghus Maher and Juraj Koller, the Kings could not recover the loose balls. On an intended pass play that broke down, QB Dominic Lewis once again ran in for a TD. Touchdown Hunters. After a broken up pass on the 2-point conversion. 18-0 Hunters.
The Hunters kicked off and recovered the ball after a Kings fumble, giving their Offence great field position. The Hunters began their drive once again, bringing the 3rd quarter to a close. The Kings defence began to find its groove keeping the Hunters to short gains and resulting in Turnover on Downs. With the Offence not going down without a fight the Kings made big strides with a Reverse to RB Krzystof Górzkowski for 35-yards. The wind combined with the heavy pass rush of the Hunters proved too much in the face of the Kings lackluster passing game. The Drive stalled. Hunters ball. The Kings Defence held the Hunters to a short drive and forced another Turnover on Downs. Kings ball. The Kings ran out of time after a big gain from RB Górzkowski.Final score Kings 0 – 24 Hunters.