Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Dunfermline Kings Victorious in Burnley Associate Game

Match Report

Dunfermline Kings 20 – 8 Burnley Tornadoes

Saturday 6th May 2017.

The Dunfermline Kings traveled down to a sunny Burnley at Colne and Nelson Rugby Club for a matchup against the Burnley Tornadoes.

The Kings won the toss, electing to receive. After a satisfactory return, the Kings began on Offense. Short runs from the Kings RB’s led to a 3rd and Medium. Incomplete Pass. Coach Paterson would elect to forgo the Punt, perhaps setting a tone. A run short of the 1st down marker ends the Kings first drive. Turnover on Downs.

Burnley’s Offense took the field hoping to take advantage of the field position. Thanks to a well drilled 1-2-punch from Burnley’s QB and RB, the Tornados were able to secure the first 1st down of the day. The Kings defence held strong though, forcing a Punt three plays later.

Stout runs for RB Committee, Krzysztof Górzkowski and Yoann Hubert along with short passes to WR Cammy Scott kept Kings drives alive throughout the half. Burnley’s Defense being the first to cause a turnover, with an overthrown pass being intercepted in Tornados’ territory. The First half was filled with back-and-forth drives from each side. Dunfermline seemed to have the momentum despite lower numbers, although the Kings offense could not capitalise on that momentum. The Tornados had fight in them, gaining multiple 1st downs in the first half. An interception by LB Robert McDowall swiftly ended the Tornados’ drive and also the half. The Kings Defense would need to adjust in order to continue the shutout.

Second Half, Tornados’ ball. Burnley once again turned to the tag team runs of their RB and QB, only going to the air once on their first drive of the half. Thanks to some adjustments on the Kings Defense, Dunfermline was able to better contain the Tornados rushing attempts. 4th Down. Burnley in their own half, elect to Punt. PR Michael Orr, back for the punt, breaks off a large run with one man to beat for the endzone is tackled on Burnley’s 25 yard line.

The Kings Offense took to the field with a fire lit under them. A strong run game some quick passed set up the Kings in Tornados’ territory. The Kings seem to falter for a moment in the drive with a broken play but, Quarterback Daniel Picton breaks off a run for the score on an out of position Tornados’ Defense. 6-0 Kings
2-point conversion attempt. Coach Paterson utilising a weakness on a Tackle side run, gives QB Picton the ball. Once again he finds the endzone. 8-0 Kings.

Fourth Quarter. Tornados’ ball following the Dunfermline Touchdown. Another stout Defense from Dunfermline. Burnley are forced to Punt. PR Orr breaking off another good return, gives the Kings Offense excellent starting position. WR twin brothers Cammy and Dougie Scott make athletic catch and runs to set up the Kings in the redzone. The Offense capitalised with a punishing 15 yard TD run by RB Krzysztof Górzkowski. The 2-point conversion was unsuccesful. 14-0 Kings.

Tornados’ ball once more. Due to a poor return on the Kickoff, Burnley are kept deep in their own territory. QB #4 for Burnley on an bailout run takes a hard hit making a heads up play preventing a Safety by throwing an outlet pass to his RB in tow. #4 was shaken up and would not return to the game. With their replacement now in the game, Burnley would face an uphill battle. Failing to make a first down due to Offensive penalties. Burnley chose to Punt from deep in their own endzone. The Punter kept composure and made the kick.
Kings ball. A short drive with heavy pressure from Burnley’s Defense up the middle. QB Picton runs another quick score in. The Kings would not make the 2-point conversion. 20-0 Kings. Burnley’s ball. With some explosive runs, Burnley showed they wouldn’t go down without a fight. Making their way into Kings territory, the Tornados stalled. With a well placed Punt, the Kings would have a long way to go to add another score.

Tornados whip up a storm on Defense with a stout drive. Pinning the Kings on their own 5-yard line. A mishandled handoff is fumbled in the endzone with Burnley recovering. 20-6 Kings. Burnley goes for 2 and converts successfully with a short QB run up the gut. 20-8 Dunfermline.

ONSIDE KICK ALERT! Burnley, going for gold, attempts an onside kick. Kings recover the kick. With less than ten minutes in the game, Dunfermline’s offense decided to stick with the ground game. A long run from QB Picton ended in a fumble with Burnley recovering. Now on Offense Burnley would use some of their momentum to make big gains with RB #41 busting some long runs on a depleted Kings Defense. The Tornados’ Offense missing its starting Quarterback would stall once more. Turnover on Downs.

Dunfermline’s Offense would take the field to run the clock down. Ending the game in ‘Victory’ formation in Tornado’s territory.

Burnley Tornados 8 – 20 Dunfermline Kings.

Offensive MVP – Krzysztof Górzkowski RB
Defensive MVP – Ross McGuinness LB
Special Teams MVP – Michael Orr KR/PR