Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Ross Smith

Years Playing : 3
Favourite NFL Team : Cincinnati Bengals
Favourite NFL Player (Past or Present) : there’s a few… Tyler EIfert, AJ Green & Andy Dalton
Likes : Spending time with my Wife, Training in the gym, Playing football ???? & Seeing Improvements
Dislikes : The words ” I CAN’T”
Quote : again there’s a few….
” Fear is self imposed meaning it doesn’t exist, you create it, you can destroy it too, it’s an intangible ” – Gregg Plitt

” In life, it’s not the most genetic person who wins or the guy who has the most potential to win. It’s the person with PERSEVERANCE who wins. Always wants to get up and go at it again. That’s the guy you need to be ” – Gregg Plitt

” Success isn’t owned. It’s leased. And rent is due everyday. ” – J J Watt

Goals for Season : Seeing Improvements from last season and working with players and coaches to develop the team as a whole, Setting personal goals and smashing them.

Ross Smith
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