Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Adult Contact Recruitment

Adult contact can offer novice, developing and veteran players an excellent American Football experience.  The team is part of a large expansive club that is well managed and funded.  The team are always looking to recruit more players, coaches and assistants.
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All our coaches are qualified and insured through BAFA.  Most are experienced, having been involved in the sport for many years.  Some are being developed via courses and mentorship from experienced coaches.  Their aim is to make training safe and effective, to get the most from each player, for the benefits of the team.

The club has some of the best facilities in the league and are based at Duloch Leisure Centre, Dunfermline.  Training and games take place on our full size grass American Football pitch (inc. posts).  We have additional grass and 3G Astro training pitches, a classroom, an equipment room and numerous changing rooms.

Training is planned is and usually follows a tried and tested format.  Warm up, fundamental skills, individual skills, group skills, play install and scrimmage.  The Kings train twice a week, Sundays 1000hrs to 1200hrs and Thursdays 1930hrs to 2130hrs.  In winter months the Thursday training is classroom and indoors based.

The clubs aim is to keep American Football as affordable as possible for anyone to play.  With the exception of boots and a mouthguard, the club supplies all other playing and training equipment free to every player.  In some circumstances players can retain their own kit for the season.

The team aims to play up to 10 competitive games per season.  Home games are played at Duloch, and are always open to the public, friends and family to spectate and cheer the Kings on.  A team a volunteers assist in the running and management of game days, which are always an exciting spectacle.

The Adult Contact team is part of something bigger.  The club has numerous teams from ages 10 years old and upwards.  We hold team and cross club social events throughout the year.  We aim to promote a spirit of family, camaraderie and respect.  Dunfermline Kinsgs American Football Club is inclusive and supportive to all.

Okay, contact American Football, for those new to the sport, lets start with the basics, how's it played...

As stated above there is a position in American Football for all shapes and sizes.  The two videos below explain each position, its responsibility and characteristics for the Offensive and Defensive players.

Special Teams players are usually taken from the offense and defense and are on the field for any plays which which involve kicking the ball.

AMERICAN FOOTBALL MYTHS:  You don't have to be some giant mutant to play this sport.
It really is a game for all shapes and sizes.  Large powerful players can be Linemen, however also have to have fast feet and tactical reactions.  Small stocky players could be Running Backs and quick players, regardless of size, with good hands could be Receivers.
Ability and fitness is something the coaches (and players) will work on and develop in every player.

ASSISTANTS - Love American Football but don't want to play or coach?  Then you can still join the team as an assistant.  There are many roles, such as game day manager, sideline crew, photographer, videographer, equipment manager, etc.

If interested in playing, coaching or becoming an assistant the Contact Us