Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Key Match-ups Week 2 – Carnegie Winter Flag League

It’s almost that time again, with Winter Flag League Week 2 just around the corner we look ahead to 4 of the key matchups. It was hard enough to pick only 4 games but we thought we would go with some heavy hitters and some interesting matchups which got us intrigued. We have also added what we think the correct scores are from the 5 pundits after only showing the average overall score in week 1 matchups. In other news we only got 1 correct score in week! What do we know!!,,,,

West Lothian Chargers Vs Glasgow Killerbees ( Field 1 Game 2)

This first for the Chargers in Winter League was a win and certainly sparkled the hopes of the squad and with a real good showing on defence for the remainder of week 1 it gave us some hope of them potentially getting that second win in week 2. Upon looking at the schedules it was clear to see the Killerbees had it rough in week 1 and with Derek Frost missing from the starting lineup that really hurt them we feel. Still with some really key players in Cammy Wilson, William McNab and Aynsley Barclay to name drop but a few we feel they may have the fire power and experience to take the fight to the chargers and get the Bees first win of Winter League this week. We do still feel this game will be down to who is at QB for the Killerbees however this could be a tight one!!!


Rexys Midnight Runners vs Renfrewshire Raptors (Field 3 Game 5)

How could we avoid the Dino Battle and not to mentioned Jurassic Cup on the line in week 2!!!. Its hard to say what Rexy team will turn up each given week but with Oilcats Greg Sim and Bezly Berry the key linchpins of this team they will always be competitive. After going 3-1 in week 1 we seen no real surprises with the only notable issue being the zero points again TopGuns have us a little worried for them in the big match-ups. We have on the other hand a rejuvenated Renfrewshire Raptors who have really propelled themselves not just into the Social Media Content Experts ring but also in the Wins column. Coming off of a similar 3-1 week 1 they have really put up a strong case for being in our top 4 in the Power Rankings and with the match against the Rexy Midnight Runners in week 2 its given both teams a chance to see each other and this could be a tight one. We do think that Rexy will over power the Raptors on Defence so this could be an offensive battle. The short clock could favor the Raptors though and if they were to go up a score early you never know who might be lifting the trophy in the first battle of Winter League.

As you can see from the pundits scoring its less than 1 score in it for all 5 of us… So will the team that scores first come out on top..?.

Carnegie Flag Football vs Top Guns (Field 2 Game 4)

Its the game of Week 2 that we thought would be the first time the TopGuns could potentially drop some points. The only team to come close in week 1 was the West Lothian Chargers and with the fire power of Carnegie on Offence and Scott Mackenzie at QB this could lead to an interesting game on the live stream this week. Although Carnegie might be able to score!! can they score enough to keep up with the talent of TopGuns that could be critical however one thing we can take away from week 1 is that Julian is yet to be tested at QB with his defence really do the hard work with 11 Interceptions of which 3 were returned for scores. The TopGuns did pass by the Rexys Midnight Runners with ease in Week 1 so will Carnegie just be another brush off the shoulder for this BAFA Flag Allstar Team or will it prove to be the first challenge of the TopGuns and test there championship pedigree.

Our Pundits still have TopGuns as overwhelming favorites and by more than 1 score in most cases…!! no favoritism here to the hosting club

Edinburgh Outlaws vs Newcastle Blackhawks (Field 1 Game 3)

Could we ever replace the Edinburgh Derby with something better!! what about to BAFA Flag Football Powerhouses who have been playing at the highest level of flag football for a long time… Yup that will do us. The Outlaws may be resigned to playing Division One in 2020 similar to the Blackhawks but we see this game as being another nail bitter. The Outlaws with a noticeably absent Jamie Archibald who lines up for TopGuns went 3-2 which could easily have been 4-1 with a close loss to the Renfrewshire Raptors by 1 Point. So those tough losses might not see the Outlaws getting the hype they deserve but the guys at WFL see your going to be strong with or without Jamie. Then on the other hand we have the Blackhawks who had the exact same dilemma in week 1 with some close games getting away with a 2-3 record on the day but with the 1 point loss to the Silvercats and Carnegie they have shown they can run with every team in the league so far but what gives us worries is the 1 point wins against the colts and chargers and although the wins are what matter and how you do it doesnt, we think a high power Outlaws could push the Blackhawks hard in this weeks match-up so we cant wait to see how this one goes.

So 4 out of the 5 pundits go for an Outlaws win in this one but as you can see by the scores its a tight one!