Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Carnegie Bowl 2017 Review

The annual Carnegie Bowl which puts all the Carnegie American Football Club player in Flag Belts took place on Sunday 11th June 2017. This year we had the Carnegie Steelers and the Carnegie Reneagdes our flag teams and also the Carnegie Eagles and Dunfermline Kings participating in this years tournament. The Dunfermline Kings would also be entering 2 teams giving us a 5 team tounrmament this year and showing how much the Kings have grown and the interest in playing flag football as a pathway to playing tackle. Sadly though the Kirkcaldy Bulls would not be taking part this year due to a clash in dates with the Great Britain Flag Sessions in Manchester and also with 1 week away from Tough Mudder an endurance event where some Bulls were taking part they didn’t want to risk injury.
Sadly the Eagles also withdrew on the morning of the tournament leave the Steelers, Renegades and both the Kings East and Kings West to duel it out for Carnegie Bowl Champion 2017.

Due to the King East running slightly late the first game of the day would be between the Renegades and the Kings West, which would be a good test for the renegades in there opening game but also a chance for the Kings West to see what they could do on the Flag Field. The game ended 27-7 to the Renegades in the short 12 minute half game but didn’t reflect how impressive the Kings were for not having much flag experience. The Kings west would then face the Steelers and this was a much closer affair with the Steelers only winning by 1 point 13-12 which showed how good these Kings players were playing. In the other game running at the same time the Renegades found themselves against ex player Daniel Picton who was leading the Dunfermline Kings East Team which ended up 19-6 to the Renegades who again showed some fire power against the Kings team giving them 2 wins from 2 games to start the day.

Next up was the flag team derby between the Renegades and the Steelers and after the Renegades getting one up on the Steelers during league play they knew the Steelers would be after Revenge. During the game though there was a torrential down pouring of rain which didn’t make things easy and led to a few Interceptions from both teams and the first score of the game didn’t come till the second half when Stuart Anderson found Ross Dawkins for the game winning TD as the Game ended up 6-0 in a close fought defensive scrap.
Another big game was up next as the Kings West faced off against the King East to see who would get the bragging rights in the Kings camp for 2017 and it was a really close game with some incredible catches and runs you would expect to see from a Running back but with helmets and pads on. The game ended with only 1 point splitting the 2 teams and it was again the Kings west coming up short by that mere 1 point 22-21. This gave the Kings East the Win and took them to 1-1 for the day similar to the Steelers.
So it came down to the last game of the groups to decide who would face off against the 3-0 Renegades in the final and the Steelers would show of there experience on both the Offence and the Defence closing out the game 12-0 and setting up an all flag team final.

In the Final the weather would start to play its part to begin with as it came on rain and nobody was wanting to throw the ball so there was a lot of pitch and option plays to try get space for the offence to run with the ball. Similar to the first game between the 2 teams there was a lot of offensive mistakes which led to interceptions and the turning over of the ball and similar to the first game it was the 1 TD that made the difference with Ross Dawkins finding Stuart Anderson up the middle for that 6 points and the conversion of the XP. The Renegades would then hold on and run out the clock to win the Carnegie Bowl for 2017.
The Club would like to thank everyone for taking part, the volunteers on the day, Duloch Leisure Centre and everyone else who helped put together the days action of football.