Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland


Adult Contact – Meet The Coaches

MEET THE COACHES Opportunity for those looking to join the Kings adult contact team to meet the coaches, ask questions and find out more about the club, team, players, plans and events for 2021 and beyond. Prospective players, coaches or staff (managers/sideline etc), this is you chance to get involved and be part of the…
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Dunfermline Kings Youth Teams Return To Training

The Dunfermline Kings Youth team have enjoyed 3 weeks of being back to training and welcoming 6 new players to the team since returning. We have ages raging from 7 to 16 years old all coming together to learn how to play American Football, increase fitness and make new lasting friendships on and off the…
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Don Edmonston Takes Up Coaching Role – Dunfermline Press Article

      Read the Dunfermline Press article for more information about our new coach appointment of Don Edmonston. https://www.dunfermlinepress.com/sport/19068619.coach-don-touches-become-king/?fbclid=IwAR0kbyP2S30ig5N74CBa4dQavo4bYMMU5MdLhQGVbt1PlkaIDNZ73v-q6-Q Everyone at the Dunfermline Kings American Football Club welcomes Don and looks forward to working with him in the future.

Kings welcome consultant contact coach Don Edmonston

The Dunfermline Kings welcome Don Edmonston to our ranks as a consultant contact coach. Don has been playing American Football since 1988 when he first started playing with the Fife 49ers and has gone from strength to strength within the game. Having played for GB Lions achieving a gold and 2 bronze medals to then…
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Dunfermline Kings American Football Club In The News

      CARNEGIE American Football Club just couldn’t wait to be kings any longer as the club announced its new name as part of a large rebranding. A “perfect storm” has resulted in Dunfermline Kings, one of the three squads within the club, becoming the umbrella which every aspect of the club now falls…
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Club Re-brand – We Come One!

We are very excited to announce a full re-brand of the club, which will now be Dunfermline Kings American Football Club. To promote a more recognisable brand across the community, locally, nationally, and digitally it was decided to move away from the previous multi-named structure (Carnegie, Kings and Saints) and come together as one brand. …
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Winter League Round 4

NEWFLASH, Winter League returns this weekend for the final regular season installment and we are happy to present to you the final key matchups segment of the year. The first two will decide the playoff pack, the final game is a revenge game. Let’s get ready to rumble. This game promises to be the most…
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Week 4 Power Rankings

Its been a few weeks since action in the Winter League due to other fixtures around the country and venue availability. However, we find ourselves a few days away from the week 4 game day and the final day of action prior to the playoffs beginning on March 29th. What better way than to look…
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Dunfermline Kings at MacTuff

The Dunfermline Kings would like to thank the organisers of MacTuff for asking us to partake in their obstacle course again this year. The team get ask to attend and become an obstacle the runners have to negotiate through.  We use our training tackle pads to obstruct, slow down, and push the runners who all…
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Carnegie Week 2 Power Rankings

Each team has played one another now which takes us up to 9 games each and boy are things looking pretty tight from top to the bottom. The standings have started to take shape and stole slightly. In this edition we have just 2 non movers but everyone else has been moving around in our…
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