Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Dunfermline Kings at MacTuff

The Dunfermline Kings would like to thank the organisers of MacTuff for asking us to partake in their obstacle course again this year.

The team get ask to attend and become an obstacle the runners have to negotiate through. 

We use our training tackle pads to obstruct, slow down, and push the runners who all get released in a single wave.

We had roughly 950 runners coming through us.

Below are some pictures from before the race started. Its always a great time to get some exposure for the club with the MacTuff logos in the background.


After the runners have completed our section we get together for another team photo but all slightly mudder then before. Note we all have huge smiles on our faces as we genuinely love every minute of it.   

Below we have a coaches son, Ruaridh Allan, join us with the MacTuff sponsored ball.

A selection of images captured by our coaches as the runners tackle their way through us.


















The Dunfermline Kings look forward to the MacTuff OCR 2021