Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Season: 17/18

Donald Taylor

Andy Staig

Age: 45 Favourite NFL team: Chicago Bears

David Gordon

Tony Reid

What got you into football? Both my sons played youth American Football 5×5 contact and then flag. When Carnegie American Football Club started up a full adult contact team they…
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Gavin Cullen

What got you into football? Played rugby. Took up college at night and classes ran the same night as training. Missed training and playing team sports but I really missed…
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Yoann Hubert

James Mason

Years Playing : 1 Favourite NFL Team : Jacksonville Jaguars Favourite NFL Player (Past or Present) : Likes : music and gigs and most sports Dislikes : Inactivity and injuries…
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Greig Reid

Years Playing : 3 years Favourite NFL Team : Baltimore Ravens Favourite NFL Player (Past or Present) : Ed Reed Likes : Interceptions Dislikes : Quarterbacks Quote : Disrespect the…
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Fraser Reid

Years Playing : 3 Years Favourite NFL Team : Denver Broncos Favourite NFL Player (Past or Present) : Nae Clue (too many) Likes : Dabbing Dislikes : People dabbing Quote…
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