Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

About Us

The Dunfermline Kings American Football Club is a member run amateur sports club based in Dunfermline. We offer contact and non-contact American Football training and games for males and females aged 7 years and upwards.

The club was initially formed as Carnegie American Football Club in February 2014 with a vision to create not just a team but a club structure that would eventually cover contact and flag (non-contact) disciplines of American Football.

Since its inception the club has grown to now include Adult Contact, Adult Flag, Women’s Flag, Youth Contact and Youth Flag programmes offering a wide range of options and flexibility to those interested in the sport of American Football. Although a minority sport, the club has seen a marked increase in interest in Dunfermline, Fife, and surrounding areas; and can offer options to anyone wishing to get involved. As well as players the club are always keen to hear from perspective coaches, team assistants and managers. You do not have to play to be a King.

Dunfermline Kings American Football Club has a multi team structure split into three sections, namely Contact, Flag and Youth Football. This allows for new players to have a clear pathway from age 7 years and upward via flag (non-contact) football and contact football right up to adult football in both disciplines.

The focus moving forward is to continue to develop the sport, players, teams, coaches, and staff as the club grows and expands, concentrating on development of good football, a great club atmosphere and producing competitive successful teams.