Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Dunfermline Kings Recruitment Drive 2017

Over the month of January 2017 the Dunfermline Kings American Football Team held 3 open recruitment days for their upcoming 2017 season. Over that 3 week period there was successful recruitment of 28 new players of which 17 were completely new to the sport and 11 who had previous experience with other teams.

It was a great success to see so many new players ranging from their teens to their 30s all with varying skills interested in playing American Football and the long standing history of Fife as a region continuing to produce good players and teams.

So it looks like it will continue with the current team and with the new players joining the Kings for the 2017 season and boosting the squad size further.

For 2017 the Dunfermline Kings are currently still in discussion with BAFA in regards to entry into the League in 2017 and we hope to have an official announcement shortly and look forward to showing the league and our football community that we are serious about developing the sport and being a positive contribution to the sport.

The aim of the team was to have a minimum squad of at least 55 on all game days and with the addition of new recruits they look set to have that with a current total squad size of over 80 players. Like most teams we have players not available for games due to work etc and thus we aimed for a larger roster squad to give us the minimum 55 for game days.

If league entry is unsuccessful the Dunfermline Kings will still be playing in 2017 with a full schedule of games lined up as this will help, as we go through the associate process again, however this time with a minimum of 8 games and more experience and with the squad growing with continued new talent, improved coaching, improvements on facilities and equipment 2017 looks to be the next and final step in bringing American Football back to Dunfermline.

The committee would like to thank all the coaches, players and volunteers involved with the Kings for making the team a success in a short space of time and ready for league action in under a year, so we all cross our fingers that the league can see this hard work and that we met all requirements and allow us to play competitive football this year.