Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Club Re-brand – We Come One!

We are very excited to announce a full re-brand of the club, which will now be Dunfermline Kings American Football Club.

To promote a more recognisable brand across the community, locally, nationally, and digitally it was decided to move away from the previous multi-named structure (Carnegie, Kings and Saints) and come together as one brand.  It was decided by the club committee that Dunfermline Kings American Football Club was the most meaningful, relevant, and appropriate option.  This name reflects where the team is based, where seven Kings of Scotland are interned at Dunfermline Abbey.  The club offers anyone the opportunity to participate in American Football, in Dunfermline, Fife and surrounding areas.  We provide the facilities, equipment, trained and insured coaches to deliver a genuine American Football experience for males and females from age 7 year upwards, in a safe and professional environment.

Our social media streams will be merged into a single brand also, so if you are already following us via a Carnegie, Flag or Saints stream, please like and follow the Kings streams below.
You can also check out or re-branded website at: www.dunfermlinekings.com