Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Steelers Week 2 HNC Review

Saturday 22nd April 2017

Game 1 – Steelers Vs Paisley Spartans

Week 2 of the flag season saw the Steelers arrive having dropped behind the dragons in the playoff race so winning became even more important. First up was the paisley Spartans a team still finding its feet in the flag league, the game started as expected by neutrals with the Steelers taking a 2td lead but then the Spartans found their feet and scored and following scores by both teams the Steelers held a slender 1td lead at the half the 2nd half was a different affair however as the Steelers offence finally started clicking and the defense continuously stopped spartan drives leading to a convincing Steeler win of 62-12.

Game 2 – Steelers Vs Carnegie Renegades

The second game saw the Steelers play their sister Carnegie team the Renegades who themselves were looking at clinching a playoff spot. This encounter was as close as everyone thought it would be with the Steelers scoring on their opening drive before defense took over as both teams cancelled each other until the dying minutes when the renegades finally got a scoring drive but a missed xp meant Steelers held a 1pt lead at the half. The second half was another tense affair with first the renegades taking the lead only for the Steelers to drive up and score again the last few mins however was where the real action was as the renegades stopped the Steelers and broken coverage on the Steeler defense meant a go ahead td for the renegades, the following drive saw the Steelers looking to reply but a interception returned for a td by Ross McLean meant 2 score lead with only minutes to play the Steelers scored again but with 26 secs on the play clock the renegades were able to run out the clock and take a decisive 25-20 victory.

Results from around the league means the Steelers are still in the playoff hunt and now control their own destiny with week 3 games coming up at home to the Midlothian Sabers, Edinburgh Outlaws and the Glasgow Hornets must win games is the mantra for the Steelers