Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Big Dawgs Required!

Where it all starts – Up Front!
2 weeks away from our 2022 Free Open Tryouts (link above), let’s look at the big strong players, who lead from the front, Linemen. This just goes to prove that any size can play American Football and we are always looking for the goliaths of the game.
Attacking side offensive linemen start every play and either protect the Quarterback while passing or bulldoze the defence out of the way to make way for running backs.
Defensive Linemen will look to stop of offence, either by sacking the quarterback or tackling the ball carrier.
This battle of the giants in the trenches is crucial and will dictate the outcome of the game.
Are you big, strong, willing to learn, adaptable, with fast feet and a strong work ethic, then come along to the Free Open Tryouts. Be a unit, join a unit and be a big dog King!